Style Your Room-Cowboy Theme

Welcome to the first installment of Style Your Room… for Boys! This week I’m showing you some essential pieces to create a fabulous Cowboy inspired room for your child.


You can easily incorporate these pieces into an established room, start from scratch, or simply gain inspiration.

Getting started

If you are starting from scratch- look into dark wood or espresso colored furniture to best compliment the theme. Mixing colors of furniture can easily be incorporated into the Cowboy theme. For example, a dark wood bed with a navy blue dresser. If you already have pieces in the room, and want to change the decor, you can paint or finish the existing pieces (if the pieces allow), use what you have the way it is, or buy new pieces.

Style Your Room- Cowboy Room Essentials

Style Your Room-Cowboy Theme

Mohawk Home Star Rug $49.99-$89.99

What I like best about this rug is that it can easily grow with your child. It’s suitable from baby to (older) child in the same Cowboy themed room.

PBK Madras Quilted Bedding Red/Brown$129-$159

Here’s a great decorating tip: don’t buy theme specific bedding! That way if ever you want to change the theme of your child’s room, you don’t have to replace the bedding. But definitely start with a color palate that will compliment your theme. These browns and reds and earthy tones are perfect for a Cowboy room.

Click through for more cowboy themed accessories!


Style Your Room-Cowboy ThemeLand Of Nod Brown Canvas Curtain Panels $25-$45

Again, match the window coverings to your color theme. The detail on these panels (with the off-white stitching) not only adds life to the room, it compliments the rug and bedding nicely.

Land Of Nod Red Bedboard Storage Box $79.00

Get creative with storage solutions for extra blankets, stuffed animals, toys and books. These stackable storage boxes fit the look for the Cowboy room.


Style Your Room-Cowboy Theme

Pottery Barn Kids Red Parker Table Shade and Payton Table Base $25-$52

Another item to match to the furniture and color palate is the lighting. The dark wood base on this lamp ties in the dark tones of the furniture and bedding and the simple shade matches, too.


Burlap HOWDY Throw Pillow on Etsy $13.00

Accessorize your child’s bed with fun throw pillows. I love this HOWDY pillow! It’s not too baby-ish but it brings the theme together nicely and adds a new texture to the room.


Style Your Room-Cowboy Theme

Stork Craft Rocking Horse $49.00

What Cowboy doesn’t have a horse?! This fun and practical rocking horse accessorizes the room and provides a playtime activity.

Stick Horse Wall Art Print on Etsy $16.00

These are perfect to give the room a classic feel.


Style Your Room-Cowboy ThemeHorseshoe $13.00

Don’t forget to hang a horseshoe above your child’s door for good luck!

Vintage Lasso on Etsy $25.00

Another way to decorate a Cowboy themed room is to add dimension. Zip tie or bound (for safety reasons) a lasso or rope so that it holds its shape as you hang it on the wall.