The Last Bedding Set You’ll Ever Buy For Your Kid

I was recently introduced to Beddy’s, a bedding set that works for every type of bed. It is basically a fitted sheet with a blanket/comforter built on top that zips up on both sides like a sleeping bag. I put one on a twin bed for my four year old son, and I must say, we both love it! Here’s why:

The Pros

  • Your child can make their own bed in a flash by zipping up the side. That’s it. It’s convenient for any child old enough to be in a twin bed.
  • It’s great for independent children who like to make their own bed, and also teaches children responsibility because you can give them this “job” and it is something they are able to do.
  • The blankets don’t come off during the night.
  • My son’s stuffed animal also doesn’t fall out of his bed during the night because it is securely zipped inside.
  • My son sleeps great in it, and tells me it’s really comfortable

The Cons

The only con I’ve found is that my son still occasionally wets the bed at night, and when he does I have to remove the entire bedding set and wash it. We don’t have a spare, so I have to get out a regular fitted sheet and comforter in the middle of the night when this happens so he’ll go back to bed. And the set is quite large, so if you have a size bigger than a twin, it may not fit in your top loading washing machine. But the twin size fits fine in my top loading machine, and the convenience and independence it provides greatly outweighs this one con.

Overall, I love this product and think it is a brilliant idea. It works great, my son loves it, it is neater and easier to make than a traditional bedding set, and it is fun. I highly recommend it. There are styles and sizes for all ages.

You can purchase Beddy’s bed sets here and see a video of how it works here.

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