Adult Bedroom Retreats

Serene Bedroom Decor

Get inspired on how to turn your bedroom into the haven it should be — peaceful, relaxing, and serene!


1.  Bedroom from Country Living

2.  Bride-to-Be from Benjamin Moore

3.  Crystal Blue from Benjamin Moore

4.  Gauzy blankets from Eileen Fisher

5.  Crisp white sheets from Anthropologie

6.  Bedside table by sfgirlbybay

7.  Comfy rug from Pottery Barn

8.  Radio/MP3 player from Design Public

9.  Calming candle from Linnea's Lights

While toys and laundry may overrun the rest of your house, stepping into your bedroom should be all about you!  At the end of a long day, or at the start of a new day, there's nothing like being in a space that helps center and relax you.  Pale colors are proven to do the trick, so a simple coat of paint in a color that calms is the single biggest change you can make.  Want more?  Add details like comfy linens, soft sheets, and a plush rug underfoot — the touch of these next to your skin will give you an immediate sensory treat.  Clear off your bedside tables and replace the clutter with photos or art that make you happy, good books, and fresh flowers.  A scented candle adds aromatherapy and atmosphere, and turn off the TV — music via an MP3-compatible radio will slow your mind down.  You'll love your new retreat!