Simple Life Hacks to Reduce Water Consumption

There’s no question that most of us waste water in insane quantities. And there’s a crisis when it comes to the availability of clean water in some places of the world, whereas in others we literally let it slip down the drain.

Water is so important, and there are many things that we can do even at the household level to help with water conservation efforts. Environmentally, this is a critical issue, and ultimately modeling good habits can help you raise more eco-conscious kids. Sending the message that water conservation is important is a good way to teach the next generation to think about their impact. Another plus? You can save a lot of money on your utility bills by adopting simple habits and hacks that can help you avoid wasting water.

Reuse Household Graywater

Simple Life Hacks to Reduce Water Consumption
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There are a few ways that you can collect and reuse water from household activities that would usually have gone just down the drain. This reused water is known as graywater, and it’s important to note that this shouldn’t be used as drinking water. However, you can use this reclaimed water to do things like water your plants and garden.

Some examples of ways to reclaim water in your household:

  • Wash your vegetables in a basin of water instead of under a running tap. Save the water for use in your garden.
  • Save the water generated from cooking pasta. Allow it to cool before reusing it on your plants.
  • Have a bucket or basin in your shower to collect water to reuse.

Reduce the Water you Run

Simple Life Hacks to Reduce Water Consumption
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Day to day, many of us have become accustomed to doing things in a way that wastes a ton of water. By simply shifting these habits in small ways, you have the ability to waste less. This is great for conservation efforts, but it can also save you a ton of money on your water bill.

If you’re shaving, use a cup of water instead of just running the tap. Similarly, when you brush your teeth, there is no need to have the tap running the whole time. This goes for doing dishes as well, you may be better off using a bin of water than just letting water run down the drain.

Another way to reduce your water use is to not flush your toilet all the time. Now, hear me out! For many people the idea of not flushing seems gross, but there’s a reason the saying exists “if it’s yellow, let it mellow”. Everytime you flush the toilet, you are using 1-7 gallons of clean water (depending on the age and efficiency of your toilet). Reducing the amount of flushes in your home is a simple way to conserve water, so in this same vein you shouldn’t be flushing tissues or other things that would be better off in the trash.

Overhaul your Water Systems

Simple Life Hacks to Reduce Water Consumption
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Reducing the amount of water wasted in your home can also save you a ton of cash. Searching for and fixing leaks can be a great way to save on your water bill, and conserve water. Additionally, putting some money into things like low flow toilets can also be helpful.

Look at What You Buy

Simple Life Hacks to Reduce Water Consumption
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Apparently a huge waste of water comes in the form of the things we buy. Manufacturing and industry activities use a massive amount of water, and these end up being “hidden” sources of water use. This goes for your favorite foods too. If you’re serious about reducing your impact, it might be wise to look into which are “water intensive” foods. These are the things that cost water to produce, and a lot of it. Meat is a typical scapegoat when we think of water intensive foods, however crops can also take a massive toll when it comes to water as well. These are the sorts of things we don’t typically think about, however it’s a good idea if you’re willing to go the extra mile to help the issue.

It’s possible to dramatically reduce the amount of water you use at home by simply making small changes to your everyday habits.

And honestly, those small changes are so important.

When it comes to water conservation, every little bit counts!

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