Healthy And Fun For Easter-GrowUms

More than ever this Easter season, I’m trying really hard not to stick a bunch of junk into my boys’ Easter baskets.  Yes, they will get eggs filled with candy and yes, they will maybe get a small chocolate bunny or two.    

But the candy will be kept to a minimum as I think we’ve all gotten excessive when it comes to junk and candy with our kids on Easter.


The memories I have growing up of my Easter basket include dozens of chocolate candies and my sister and I eating until we felt sick on those Sunday mornings.  (There was even one year when we were in the middle of Easter Mass when my Mom noticed that my sister and I had broken out in hives, we had eaten so much chocolate that morning.)

So in my on-going effort to make things healthy in our house, the Easter baskets for our kids include alternatives to candy. 

My favorite this year is a Gardening Kit for each of them from

Our Growums Review:

Did you know that 98% of children who grow their own vegetables with their families end up eating those same vegetables?  There’s nothing like encouraging your children to eat something healthy by having them grow and cultivate it themselves, and that’s just what you do with Growums.  These Gardening Kits come with a variety of seeds in each Kit.  You select a theme.  So for example, if you pick the Taco Garden  it’s going to come with the following:  Jalapeno Seeds, Iceburg Lettuce Seeds, Tomato Seeds and Cilantro Seeds.   I love the Pizza Garden, which comes with Tomato Seeds, Basil Seeds, Oregano Seeds and Red Bell Pepper Seeds.

A couple of each type of seeds gets placed into a Coco pellet – fill with water and watch it expand.  Once the seed starts to sprout, you can work with your child to transfer it outside to your vegetable garden.  Each kit is $9.99.  I just love that this is a family, healthy project.  It’s super-cute looking too and you can log into the Growums site as your seeds grow and watch various videos to have your children learn about what they are growing.

I just adore this product.  Check it out on the site.