10 Best Gardening Tools and Kits For Kids

With warmer weather comes summer vacation, and it’s always a challenge to find things to do with the kids day in and day out. Gardening can be a great activity for the whole family – the littlest hands can help plant the seeds, while older kids can assist with digging and watering. And while the planting may only take a day, the growth and cultivation processes will keep the kids interested for months to come. There are a few gardening tools and materials you’ll need to kick off your kids’ horticultural journey so we’ve culled through them and settled on ten of our favorites. From basic tools for little ones to kits with everything older children will need to grow vegetables, we’ve rounded up the best the web has to offer. Keep reading to check out the 10 best gardening tools and kits for kids.

Kids’ DIY Garden Kit

This seed kit is perfect for introducing kids to the joy of gardening. It comes with peppers, beans, tomatoes and carrots… and a helpful instructional booklet.

Buy It: Etsy

Beetle & Bee See Thru Garden View

Part science, part agriculture, this planter kit is clear so your little one can watch the plants grow. It includes radish, carrot and green onion seeds.

Buy It: Amazon

Big Kids Garden Tool Set

If your kids like to help get the soil ready in the spring, buy them a set of their very own tools so they can prep the garden with you. Each tool is 25 inches tall; the perfect size for small hands.

Buy It: The Home Depot

Radio Flyer Kid’s Wheelbarrow

From the well-known wagon brand comes this colorful red wheelbarrow that’s the perfect size for kids. It also has no-scratch edges that are safe for little fingers.

Buy It: Amazon

Nature’s Blossom Exotic Vegetable Garden Kit

If you and your children want to experiment with growing some unusual vegetables, this is the kit for you. It has purple carrots, black corn, yellow cucumbers and Romanesco broccoli.

Buy It: Amazon

Sunflower Garden in a Bag Kids’ Kit

Nothing says summer like bright yellow sunflowers. Your kids will be thrilled to watch the mini sunflower bloom right in the bag! Plus, the large seeds are easy for tiny fingers to plant.

Buy It: Gardener’s Supply Company

Kids’ Garden Tool Set With Tote

Little ones need little tools, and this adorable set even comes with its own handy bag so your kiddos can tote their tools around the yard while they’re on the hunt for their next garden project.

Buy It: Amazon

Children’s Vegetable Garden Kit

This clever kit provides two projects in one… it comes with paint so your child can decorate the pots, and then later they can plant cucumbers, basil, tomatoes and carrots inside the pots and watch them grow.

Buy It: Etsy

Garden Tool Belt Set For Kids

Give your little gardener the perfect size tools for their small hands… and a tool belt to keep those tools handy while they play in the yard. Plus, they’re sure to love the bold colors.

Buy It: Target

Kids Comprehensive Gardening Set

Is your kiddo serious about gardening? Then they’ll love this comprehensive set which includes tools, an apron, a hat, gloves and even a spray bottle to water their seedlings.

Buy It: Amazon

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