Hey New Parents! Ever Hear of a Sip and See Party?

You may have had a baby shower or even a baby sprinkle but have you had your Sip and See yet? Not sure what that is? It’s exactly what it sounds like it is.

Sip and See parties are a long-time tradition that originated in the South but are now trending in other pars of the country. They occur when new parents host a casual get-together with friends and family to meet the new baby. And drink wine. While everyone is cooing and commenting on the chosen name, mom and dad get to sit and relax for a minute – probably the last minute ever for the next eighteen years. Generally, guests are served drinks like mocktails or sparkling wine and finger sandwiches and cookies; nothing that takes a ton of time to prepare but will serve as fun refreshments for the occasion.


One reason why a Sip and See is intended to be causal is that the hosts are the new parents, who are definitely exhausted and excited and also adjusting to the whirlwind excitement of bringing home a new little one. They aren’t elaborate (unless you are that mom) because the focus is on the baby and on making mom and dad feel supported and loved.

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What about gifts? New parents don’t tend to create a registry as one would do for a baby shower or baby sprinkle, but it is customary to bring things like casseroles. bibs with cute sayings or even a coupon for a night of free babysitting. Yes, please.

A Sip and See is an ideal time to share stories, take photos, and to introduce your baby to your family. And it’s also a great excuse to ask your friends and family not to visit you in the hospital. When folks ask when they can see you, tell them to wait until the party, which is traditionally planned between two and eight weeks after the baby goes home.

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Need a little inspiration to help get you started? Pinterest, Instagram and even Etsy are packed with Sip and See party ideas, from adorable party themes, sample invitations, menus, party favors and more. And if this all sounds a little too much for you, shoot some friends a text message, serve beer and order pizza! Not only would that be totally acceptable, but in some cases, even more fun than a formal affair!

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