diaper raffle party

10 Diaper Raffle Party Ideas That Are Too Cute for Words

Everybody loves a good raffle, am I right? The idea of paying or donating something inexpensive and winning a significantly more awesome prize is a tried-and-true way to entice people to give. While most raffles are designed to help raise money, a diaper raffle—pretty much a baby shower staple these days—is designed to give the mom-to-be enough diapers to start her journey into motherhood out on the right foot.

So how does a diaper raffle party work? Don’t worry, it’s super simple. Baby shower guests coming bearing diapers of any size (a truly necessary currency for any new mom) in order to “pay” for their raffle ticket. By doing so, they get entered to win a covetable prize (something that goes above and beyond the standard baby shower favors).

Of course, there are about a million ways to customize your diaper raffle to fit your baby shower theme. Case in point? These 10 adorable diaper raffle ideas. Read on to get all the inspiration you need to host a diaper raffle.

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