How to make a pinata cake - using shop-bought sponges

How to Make a Piñata Cake

Have you noticed the lack of actual cake eating that happens at children’s parties? Sure there’s a lot of hype, some enthusiastic candle-blowing, decoration-snatching and icing-licking, but the cake itself? Yeah, not so much. A few years ago I declared parties a packet mix zone, because the kids didn’t care about my Dutch cocoa mud cake, with the fancy type of vanilla extract. But for this cake I took it one step further and just bought the sponge. But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

So, I was thinking about what cake to make for my little lady’s fifth birthday so first I asked the question; what do kids like? Ummm, the decorative lollies, the icing, the candle, the singing and the cutting. So I made a pinata cake that was all about the fanfare and not the actual cake it’s self. Although ‘made’ could possibly the wrong word. Maybe ‘assembled’ is more accurate. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the piñata cake, the kids sure did, well… they enjoyed everything except the actual sponge, the chickens ate that.


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How to make a pinata cake - using shop-bought sponges

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