How to Make A Due Date Blackboard For A Baby Shower

All bets are off when it comes to the birth of a newborn baby. Not even the best doctor in the world can guess the exact date (unless a C-section is scheduled), time, and weight of a baby prior to his or her birth. We waited to determine the sex of our babies until their deliveries, and they were the greatest surprises of our lives.

Belly bets, otherwise known as a baby pool guessing game, is a favorite activity in my family before the arrival of our bundles of joy. Each person pays five dollars for every entry into the pool, then makes his/her best guess. Boy or girl? Late, early, or on time? Big or little?

At a friend’s recent baby shower, we extended the fun of guessing to all the ladies with a DIY due date blackboard. Everyone was invited to guess the baby’s sex (pink or blue chalk) and the due date. If the same date was picked by two or three people, the time of birth was the tie-breaker. It was a fun activity, a great gift for the mom-to-be, and pretty party decor.



  • Chalkboard
  • Chalk: pink, blue, and white


Step 1: If you plan to make the chalkboard, paint your plywood from Home Deport with chalkboard spray paint, paint the frame, and then nail the plywood to the back of the frame.

Step 2: Draw the month (or months, if the due date falls at the beginning or end of the month) the mother-to-be is due. Remember to bring pink and blue chalk for people to guess the gender. If the gender is already known, guests can still guess the due date and weight.


Step 3: Encourage everyone to make their best guess and write their initials on the calendar.



Step 4: Take a photo of the calendar so it’s on record!


Photography by Meredith Moran Photography | Flowers by Vail Vintage Magnolia

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