31 Over-the-Top Adorable Disney Halloween Costumes for Baby

The great thing about Disney Halloween costumes for baby is that even 20 years from now, you and your kiddos can look back at the pictures from their first Halloween and reminisce about how iconic their first costume was, rather than having hopped on some flash-in-the-pan trend (emoji costumes, anyone?) and trying to rack your brain about why you dressed your baby up as a salsa dancer or (heaven forbid), a pile of poop.

Whether you’re looking to get crafty or just want something you can easily buy, I’ve collected some of my favorite Disney baby Halloween costumes here. From classic characters like Mickey and Tinker Bell to modern favorites like Stitch and Olaf, there are plenty of over-the-top adorable costumes here—good luck picking just one.


Click through the slideshow and get inspired!

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