How to Host the Coziest Holiday Party for Friends

In my book, the best party to host during the holidays is one with close friends.

Why? With friends, you don’t have to put on a show or pretend you know how to cook a glazed ham to perfection—there’s no big production necessary—which means hosting a fantastic holiday party will be a cinch, even if you’ve never hosted a get-together before.

All you really need to remember for hosting a holiday party with friends is this one basic rule: keep it casual. Aim for creating a casual, cozy, and completely comfortable environment, and you’re golden. Pretty easy, right?

How to Master Hosting a Holiday Party with Friends

And speaking of easy, here are 3 tips for helping you achieve that casual vibe for the perfect laid back holiday party…

1. Set the Tone.

I love doing something unexpected for a casual party, like low seating, for example.

Pull up a large coffee table for everyone to gather around or make your own using stacks of books and plywood. Then add comfy pillows and blankets and invite everyone to kick their shoes off and get comfy on the floor. Bonus points if you can situate the table in front of a fireplace.

2. Delicious Treats.

You’re not going to want to slave away in the kitchen while guests are in another room entertaining themselves. And they don’t want you to, either. So, make things easy in the food department and go heavy on the appetizers instead of a big feast. Try this pear + goat cheese crostini recipe or any of these holiday appetizers if you’re feeling stuck. You can make everything ahead of time and keep each app warm in the oven for guests as they arrive.

Don’t forget something sweet. After guests have had their fill of appetizers, be sure to have some sweets for them to nibble on for dessert. Lindt LINDOR Peppermint White Chocolate Truffles are a great option. If you’ve ever had these truffles before, you know their melting centers are irresistible – making them a super simple, indulgent dessert.

3. Keep It Light.

Plan something fun and lighthearted for everyone to participate in after the meal, to keep the party going. Card games and/or board games would be perfect for something like this. I found an awesome set of Bingo cards from J.Crew and a backgammon game from Paper Source if you’re looking for suggestions.

How to Master Hosting a Holiday Party with Friends


How to Master Hosting a Holiday Party with Friends

And that’s it. With these quick tips, you’ll be a holiday party pro in no time.

Have your own tips to share for throwing a holiday party with friends? I’d love to hear how you make the holidays cozy and fun for your friends.

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