Boho Inspired Party Decor

I love boho parties. There’s been a lot of conversation around them these days (and rightly so!), as many parties that are blogged contain misappropriations of Native American culture, but I think you can still have a great bohemian vibe without using headdresses or dreamcatchers to create a strong theme. The inspiration board I put together here is a great example of how you can put the look together using natural materials like bamboo and unbleached kraft, feather, and flower motifs, and interesting fiber arts like yarn tapestries and macrame. What a stunning baby shower or birthday party you could create with this boho inspired party decor!


1: Oh Joy Serif Cake Topper from Splendid Supply Co.; 2: Floral Number 2 by Nikki Kninowski; 3: Cream Straws from The Pretty Party Shoppe; 4: DIY Glittered Feathers from Frankie Magazine; 5: Edible Golden Candy Feathers from Andie’s Specialty Sweets; 6: Bamboo Daisy Cupcake Toppers from Splendid Supply Co.; 7: White Lanterns from Z Gallerie; 8: Air Plant and Distressed Wood Monogram Vignette by Kelli Murray; 9: Yarn Tapestry from ; 10: Macrame Photo Backdrop by Love Is a Big Deal; 11: Kraft Favor Bags from Shop Sweet Lulu; 12: Paper Feather Gift Wrap from Anastasia Marie

More Party Theme Ideas:

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