DIY Sprinkle Monogram

DIY Sprinkle Monogram


  • cardboard initial
  • multi-colored sprinkles
  • Mod Podge
  • clear spray
  • paint brush

Sprinkle Monogram - Materials


Step 1: Pour your sprinkles into a large dish that is big enough for your letter.

Sprinkle Monogram - Step 1


Step 2: Using your paint brush, liberally apply the Mod Podge to the initial, making sure to get the sides.

Sprinkle Monogram - Step 2

Step 3:Turn the initial face down into the sprinkles. Using your hand, apply to the sides and where needed. Allow to dry. If needed, fill in with more glue and sprinkles and dry again.

Sprinkle Monogram - Step 3

Step 4: Take outside and spray with the clear spray to set. Allow to dry.

Sprinkle Monogram - Step 4

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