The Best Places to Buy Party Supplies on the Web

You probably face the same dilemma I do every time I head to the party aisle of local chain stores. Their selection is, well, lacking. Especially if you’re trying to throw a party that’s out of the ordinary, like Peppa Pig party, or you’re trying to throw together a theme that you haven’t just seen at the six other birthday parties you’ve taken your kids to in the past month.

As a former wedding and party blogger turned editorial party stylist, let’s just say I know a little something about party supplies. I routinely scour the internet for the perfect party detail, whether it’s at a one-stop party shop or a boutique, handmade Etsy shop. Today I’m spilling my secrets by letting you in on my favorite sources on the web for party supplies, and I promise you will not be disappointed.

A word of warning, though: you may find yourself planning a shindig “just because” by the time you work your way through this slideshow.

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