13 Life-Changing Linen Closet Organization Ideas

I’m making 2018 my year of organizing, and I’m starting with my linen closet. See, the linen closet is one of my home’s biggest organizational failures. Home to life jackets and flip-flops alike, the floor of the closet has become a dumping ground with no rhyme or reason. Fluffy towels take up too much space—and don’t even ask about the fitted sheets that I still can’t figure out to fold. And we stash toiletries in my linen closet, too.

I finally reached my breaking point the other day and decided I was going to tackle my linen closet organization head-on, and I searched the far reaches of the internet to discover the most life-changing linen closet organization hacks.


Looking to declutter your own messy linen closet? From labels to wire storage baskets to hanging bars, here are 13 truly inspired linen closet organization ideas.