5 Things I Learned In Kindergarten That Will Help Me Be More Organised

My son started kindergarten this year and it’s made me think about all the lessons I learned in kindergarten, lessons that have served me for life.

Yep, it’s a LONG time ago for us adults but the life lessons we were all taught really do serve our adult lives too, particularly when it comes to helping us be more organised. Here are five lessons my son is learning in kindergarten, that are good fro life.

Lesson 1: Sharing is important

When we’re little kids we learn that we don’t get to play on the best slide all day. It’s a bit of rubbish lesson to learn, the fact that we have to share our favourite things. But once we get to adulthood, we also have to learn that we have to share the not-so-nice things too. Trying to take on all of life’s responsibilities is either exhausting or impossible; if not both.

If we have to share our toys, we should also have to share our chores as a grown-up! It’s only fair. So everybody who lives in my house should have a role in keeping things organised. Getting children involved in household chores is good for them! Everyone who drives or travels in my car should have a hand in keeping it clean and tidy. And everyone who works in our office should contribute towards keeping mess and clutter at bay. I plan to delegate organisational tasks in all areas of my life. After all, sharing is caring (especially for myself)!

Lesson 2: It’s okay to ask for help

Just as the point above addresses sharing my tasks, I’ve learned that it’s also okay to ask for help. Besides the obvious sharing of workload, I’ve found that asking for help means I am often given invaluable advice. I might also learn something really useful. I might even make a new friend.

If you’re struggling to do something, be it opening a can or getting your mirrors streak-free, ask for help! Go online and read blogs. Hire a cleaner to come and give you a hand around the house once a month. Take the car to a car wash, instead of washing it yourself. It’s okay.

Lesson 3: Imagination goes a long way

If I’m wanting to motivate my children to help, I set up a rewards system for them. I try to be imaginative about what the reward could be; it doesn’t have to financial. Instead, it might be that they get control of the TV remote for a night or that I’ll let them have the sleepover they’ve been asking for.

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I’m going to try this myself. I plan to reward myself whenever I reach the end of a busy week. It’s not just about writing a to-do list and then forgetting about it; I’m going to keep it handy and start marking things off, but in a way I know will make me feel satisfied and rewarded. For example, I can  make speed-cleaning the house more fun with some loud music and my favourite snacks. The sky’s the limit when it comes to imagining ways to reward ourselves!

Lesson 4: Taking a nap is okay, sometimes.

Don’t you miss the days when you could take a nap every afternoon? While that is not viable anymore for me, I know it’s important to rest and relax whenever I can. Just like a kindergarten kid can’t learn his numbers in the afternoon unless he has a post-lunch nap, how can I expect to stay organised and in control if I’m totally exhausted? Every now and then I plan to switch off my phone, send the kids to a friend’s house and take a nap. Milk and cookies are optional.

Lesson 5: Put things back where you found them

Kids are taught early on to put things back where they found them. Adults need reminding to do this too! It helps keep clutter at bay and stops mess before it can form. I’m going to keep reminding myself (and my family and colleagues) of this little truism until we all just do it automatically.

See what I mean? Life lessons straight from the kindy room.

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