5 Genius Ways to Make the Most of Your Label Maker

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a new label maker. My old one died an ignominious death at the hands of a toddler who shall remain nameless, and then this beauty from Brother walked though my door during the holidays. 

I’ve long loved the labeling life, sometimes to the chagrin of my husband—mostly when he sees the little adhesive strips adorning things he didn’t think needed identifying. (I beg to differ! It’s important to make it abundantly clear which sheets go on which bed! See below, from my linen closet.)


But beyond my linen closet and my office files, I must admit that my labeling zeal isn’t all that creative. Armed with my lovely new labeler, I started researching ways to make the most of it, and quickly found that I was not nearly living up to my potential.

Here are five uses I hadn’t thought of—and that you might find helpful, too!

1. Binder clips

Slap some labels on your binder clips and you can instantly see what’s what—and what you have to do. 


from iamacraftaddict.blogspot.com

2. Cable labels

You’ll never look at a cable the same way again once you start ID’ing them. No more confusion or unplugging the wrong thing at the wrong time.


3. Guilt trips

I’m sorry, but this is both brilliant and cruel; insane and awesome. (Granted, it’s an idea from the very people who make the label maker, so maybe that’s why it’s so next-level, as it were.)


4. Confusing switches

I’m probably at about 2,000—the number of times that I’ve hit the fan when I meant to turn on the light. This would solve that!


from http://www.lilblueboo.com/

5. Chargers

We have a big scary box of chargers and cords. It’s the land of lost chargers, and a dark place. Labeling would solve that!


from http://www.lilblueboo.com/

What are your favorite uses for a label maker?

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