Spring Cleaning Kids Rooms

5 Steps To Spring Cleaning The Kids Rooms

If you feel like you need a road map to make your way through your kid’s room, follow these 5 steps to spring cleaning it up.

Step 1:

Do a thorough cleaning, starting from the top of the room and working your way down. Dust and wipe down ceiling fans and crown molding and give the walls and light switches a quick wipe down. Wipe down the blinds, wash the curtains and polish the furniture. Strip the bed, wash the linens and rotate the mattress. Disinfect the toys, wash the stuffed animals and disinfect the play surfaces. Steam clean the carpets and/or wash the floors.

Step 2:

Implement a kid-friendly bin or basket system. Whether you use wicker baskets with fabric liners or plastic bins, create an easy storage system for your children’s toys that they can utilize. Be sure to make labels for your bins or baskets so that your kids can easily see where their things go.

Step 3:

Have a place for everything. When it comes to the kid’s rooms, be sure everything has its place and is easy to put away. If there isn’t a clear place for something to go, it’s not going to get put away. For small items, consider using an over the door shoe rack to store anything from hair accessories to Matchbox cars.

Step 4:

De-clutter and downsize. Toss broken toys. Store or give away toys and clothes that your child has outgrown. Remove items that aren’t serving a purpose.

Step 5:

Consider your design options. Reevaluate the way you use space. Would moving things around free up additional play space for your child? Is the arrangement that worked for your baby not problematic because she’s a toddler?

While spring cleaning the kids room is a lot of work, if you do it right, it pays off. Starting with a clean slate and a storage system that everyone can manage can help keep the room looking fresh all year long.

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