Oli&Carol x Lorena Canals Launch A Veggie Collection… And Wow, Just Wow

When I came across the Oli&Carol x Lorena Canals limited edition collaboration on Instagram I was in awe. I immediately sent out links to pretty much every parent Watsapp group I’m in. I’ve never seen pieces this beautifully made, but also interactive. An interactive carpet…!! Classic Montessori taken up to a new level. And to boot everything is fresh produce focused and not to mention insanely meticulously handmade with natural dyes yet still washable. A carrot bean bag … I mean… amazing. And not just a generic “cartoonish” carrot. I really raw, farmer’s market-style carrot with tousled braids as roots, rows of short fringes for texture and cut-edge-finished canvas leaves with embossed nerves.

As I mentioned, everything is handmade with quality that needs to be seen to be truly appreciated. These are special pieces that you will cherish and pass down – trust me I also would normally think paying over $100 for a book is nothing but insane and I realize it is not feasible for many people. But it’s important to understand that it’s not just a book and the carpet isn’t just a carpet. The details and beauty are mind-blowing and for kids who put everything in their mouths and love touching and exploring, it provides a wonderful and interactive sensory experience.

There is so much to feel and touch and move and discover from varying textures to hidden pockets.

I love a good, cheap Fisher Price plastic play kit don’t get me wrong (my son plays with this all the time when I take him to the gym with me), but seeing children interact with, for example, the carpet from this collection and being just as excited as I am because well, it’s a beautiful piece of decor to look at, is special.

It’s also worth mentioning that some of the profits from this collection go to benefit the Lorena Canals Sakûla Project in Haryana, which is a nursery set up in 2008 that enables boys and girls found in the street to be cared for and receive an education. Today there are 120 boys and girls attending the nursery.

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