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Nine-Year-Old Florida Girl Punches Burglar Trying to Steal Mom’s Purse

Journee Nelson, a nine-year-old Florida girl, punched a burglar attempting to steal her mom’s purse outside a supermarket, and then chased him! Fox News reports that the pair were finishing up a bit of grocery shopping when the incident occurred, which was caught entirely on video.


That’s One Brave Nine-Year-Old

Both Journee and Mom were on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ this past Sunday, November 28th, 2021, and relayed how this burglar beating unfolded.

Journee said that she eyed the suspicious man as soon as they walked out of the grocery store. After she turned away to open the car door, “I saw him running towards my mom.”

West Palm Beach Police say that Journee’s mom was loading up the groceries when the man rushed her. The perpetrator yelled for her to “let go of the purse or you’re going to make me pop you,” while reaching for what could have been a gun.

But Journee wasn’t going to have any of that. She charged forward, punched the man in the head repeatedly, kicked him in the face, and when he ran, she chased him four houses down!

Journee Honored By Police

Chief Adderley, of the West Palm Beach Police, honored the nine-year-old for her “bravery as she ran to her mother’s defense to fend off a brazen robber,” said the department’s Twitter post.

Adderley gave Journee a medal and a certificate for her bravery. However, he did point out that engaging with such an individual in this way isn’t the best course of action.

“I bet he was shocked when she kicked him right in the face,” Adderley said. “Because you definitely could tell on the video that he was not expecting that.”

He most certainly wasn’t!

Do you think that this nine-year-old girl’s actions were brave? Could this situation have gone another way? Let us know in the comments below.

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