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Olympic Gold Medalist, Napheesa Collier, Announces That She’ll Soon Be a Mom

Team USA has posted wonderful news—Olympic gold medalist, Napheesa Collier, is going to be a mom. One might think that a first-time Olympic gold medal in basketball would be tough to top, but a first-time baby certainly does the trick!

‘I’ve Always Wanted to Be a Mom’

Collier and her fiance, Alex Bazzell, a skills coach for the NBA and WNBA, met in high school. They didn’t start dating until a few years later, however. Collier was in school at the University of Connecticut and Bazzell was her trainer.


In 2019, Bazzell popped the question. While the couple had “a vision for a family,” they weren’t quite expecting to jump-start it so soon. Be that as it may, she sounds absolutely thrilled to be getting started. Even if it’s a bit earlier than anticipated.


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“We just didn’t know when that would take place or where that would take place, which I think we’re still juggling some of those questions,” Collier said.

“But it’s like anything else, the sports environment prepares us for something like that. We’re adding one member to our team, and trying to figure out what’s best collectively for the team.”

Collier told People Magazine that she’s “always wanted to be a mom,” that it was a huge “surprise,” and “such a blessing.”

Napheesa Collier Is Already Planning Baby Basketball Time

Collier expressed to People that she’s absolutely looking forward to sharing her passion for basketball with her daughter. Yes, she’s having a little girl! Future WNBA all-star in the oven!

“I have this vision in my head of Alex sitting with the baby just cheering me on at the games,” Collier said. “I am really excited for that.”

We think it’s absolutely rad that these are the visions that modern young women, with huge dreams and ambitions, can have. Be a mom, go after your dreams… do it all, girl!

Are you a fan of Napheesa Collier? Are you excited that she’s embarking on motherhood? Let us know in the comments below.

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