Telling kids you are pregnant
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5 Fun Ways To Tell Kids You Are Pregnant

Congratulations! You are once age going to be a parent. It’s a surreal feeling, isn’t it? And we know you are excited to share this good news with your family, especially with your kids, as they are going to be an elder brother or sister. But instead of telling them simply, why not double the excitement by announcing your pregnancy in a fun way? Great idea, right? So, to help you in the planning we have rounded up some fun ways to tell your kids you are pregnant. 

1. Throw a Surprise Party 

telling kids about your pregnancy
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Not a baby shower but a surprise sibling announcement party. This party will be exclusive for your family, especially for your kid. Add some fun decorations, get a cake, create a photo booth and you are all set for the announcement. Surprise your kid with the party and tell them that soon they will become an elder sibling. To make it more exciting, you can use sibling related cake topper or write “Hi big brother or sister” on the cake to see your kid’s reaction. You can add so many surprise elements to the party to share the happy news with your child. 

2. Reveal With Puzzle

Get a customized puzzle or DIY and have a little puzzle time with your kid. Let your kid complete the puzzle and read the news like “We are expecting,” “You will have a friend for life” “You are going to big brother or sister,” and so on. If your child loves puzzles, they will surely love this fun way of announcement. 

3. Make a Gift Basket 

Make a big sibling basket for your child to tell them that you are expecting. Fill the baskets with their favorite tasty treats, games, some newborn clothes for a little hint, a card with the words “best older sibling” written on it, and a book on how to be a great big sibling. You can add anything and decorate the basket to make it even more interesting. This is one simple yet fun way to break your pregnancy news to your child. You can even tell your kids that this basket is from their soon-to-be younger sibling to keep them excited for the arrival of the new member.

4. Scavenger Hunt 

Kids love scavenger hunts, so use this game to surprise them with the news. You can set up the clues in your house, backyard, or even in a room. Just hide the handwritten notes or props around the room that lead to other clues and the final prize. Don’t tell them about the prize, but tell them that it’s going to be a surprise. Let them open the final prize with a note telling them about your pregnancy. 

5. Make Baby’s Room Together

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Ask for your kid’s help with the baby’s room makeover without telling who the makeover is for. Even take them shopping for the room decor, hinting to them along the way that someone new will soon join their family. Leave them confused for a few days and when you start painting, write “Mommy is pregnant” on the wall for your little one to read. You can even surprise them with a T-shirt with a similar message written on it. While placing photo frames, you can hang one frame per person and hang one extra for the new member and then break the news to your child. There are so many fun ways to tell your kids you are pregnant while room makeover. Just find the best that will make your kid happy.

Aren’t these fun ideas to tell your kids that you are pregnant? Other than these you can simply show them ultrasound pictures, buy some custom cookies, use a scrapbook to reveal the news, read them a book, or just let your baby bump talk. And do not forget to click pictures and record their reaction for beautiful memories. 

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