Non-Toxic DIY Furniture Polish Will Make Cleaning a Breeze

DIY Furniture Polish that is cheaper, works as well as store bought, and is toxin-free!

Swapping out of traditional store-bought cleaning products for DIY solutions that are more cost effective and free from harsh chemicals has been increasing in popularity. But the DIY aspect of DIY cleaning products can seem overwhelming. Take it from me – it is so much easier than you think to make your own cleaning products! And it is more cost-effective in the long run to make your own as well.

I have gradually made the switch myself, first making my own all-purpose cleaner and then adding to my ever-growing collection of DIY household cleaners. My latest one? A DIY furniture polish that will leave your furniture clean and smelling fresh without the chemicals and weird slippery residue that traditional furniture polish leaves behind. Here’s how to make your own DIY furniture polish:


  • castille soap
  • essential oils (woodsy ones like cedarwood and citrusy ones like lemon or tangerine all work well). I get my essential oils from this company because they are high quality without costing a fortune and I also love what the brand stands for and how they give back with every purchase.
  • fine mist spray bottle

DIY furniture polish


  1. Take your spray bottle (any one with a fine mist spray will do) and first add 1 cup of water (cut this in half if you are using a smaller bottle)
  2. Next add 1 tablespoon of liquid castile soap (I got mine at the local supermarket but if you can’t find castile you can use Murphy’s Oil instead. It isn’t quite as “clean” but it is a good alternative in a pinch.)
  3. Next add 10-15 drops of tangerine essential oil (sweet orange, grapefruit, or blood orange would also work nicely)
  4. Then add 5-10 drops of cedarwood essential oil and lemon essential oil (each)
  5. Shake well to mix

To use, spray a couple of squirts of mixture on a microfiber dusting cloth and rub into furniture. Use more as needed. If you would like a bit more “polish” for added shine, you can add 1/2 a teaspoon of olive oil to the mixture.

A note on your spray bottle: the purists of natural products would choose a glass bottle to hold their cleaning solution. Plastic can sometimes degrade when used to hold cleaning products or essential oils. However, glass is not always a practical choice, especially for moms of small children. Alternatively, a smaller aluminum bottle is a good choice. Or if you only have a plastic spray bottle on hand, it isn’t the end of the world to use it.

DIY furniture polish

I love a good cleaning hack, and when it is a “clean” one (see what I did there?) then it really is a win win! Do you make your own cleaning supplies? Will you be trying this DIY furniture polish?


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