Test Your Magic Kingdom IQ

People say that raising kids is a roller coaster ride. I mean, yeah, I guess? There are definitely ups and downs and sometimes I feel like I’m spinning, but it’s not actually a roller coaster. I’m a mom, but I’m a human, too, and there are times when I want to do stuff that is legit fun—especially if it involves my kids! That’s why Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is hands-down No. 1 on my to-do list. I’ve always been a thrill-seeker, so when I dream about Magic Kingdom, I picture myself on attractions like Space Mountain, The Barnstormer, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (but obvs I can’t forget about Princess Fairytale Hall where Cinderella and Elena hang out, or else my daughter would kill me!).

It’s seriously no surprise people call Magic Kingdom “The Most Magical Place on Earth”, amirite? I cannot wait to take my kids there, and I’ve already started doing my research. Honestly, I know so much about the Magic Kingdom. But, here’s my question: How much do you know about it? Take this fun quiz and test your Magic Kingdom knowledge. Don’t worry if you get stumped, your quiz results will give you lots of cool tips and ideas for your next trip to Walt Disney World. Ready, set, go!