14 Reasons My Back Hurts Today

If there’s one thing we parents say more than anything it’s, “WOW my back hurts today.” No matter how spritely we were before building a family, having small humans that need or want carrying and the fact that we are getting older every single day takes its toll on the long, rickety vertebrae puzzle behind […]


12 DIY Back-to-School Locker Decorating Ideas

One of the coolest perks of entering middle school or high school is getting your own school locker. Not only is it your own secure space to store school supplies, but it’s your own private space to decorate exactly the way you want to. And this goes beyond simple stickers and plain magnets. From stylish […]


Seeing the World: 5 Ways Travel Benefits Tweens

My mom took my tween daughter on a day trip to New York City during the holidays. They rode the train together, saw the giant tree, ate lunch at a “fancy” restaurant, and saw the Radio City Rockettes. They left at 7:30 a.m. and returned at 7:30 p.m., and my daughter hasn’t stopped talking about […]


Quiz: How Well Do You Know Walt Disney World?Sponsored content

So you want to go to Walt Disney World? I don’t blame you, it’s definitely earned its reputation as the Most Magical Place on Earth. Here’s the thing, though. Walt Disney World is also epically huge, and it can be a lot to plan. You don’t want to miss out on anything—from Belle’s Enchanted Tales […]


Test Your Magic Kingdom IQSponsored content

People say that raising kids is a roller coaster ride. I mean, yeah, I guess? There are definitely ups and downs and sometimes I feel like I’m spinning, but it’s not actually a roller coaster. I’m a mom, but I’m a human, too, and there are times when I want to do stuff that is […]