Flying with Toddlers: 10 Sanity Savers I Never Travel Without

I have two young children: Vivianne, 2, and Eric II, 7 months. In fact, my kids are only 17 months apart, so life gets hectic. Amazing and rewarding…but hectic. I have my moments where it’s exhausting and I’ll think, OMG, this is the hardest job ever!  Our lifestyle adds to the craziness; it seems like we’re never in one place for long. Since my husband is a wide receiver for the New York Jets, we spend six months out of the year living in New York City. The rest of the time we’re in Nashville (love my southern roots!). On top of that, I’m currently on my U.S. “Lights Down Low” tour, and my children have visited me throughout my time on the road. So, I’ve spent a lot of time flying with toddlers. Because of our adventures, I’ve learned a thing or two about keeping my sanity while en route to (or from) wherever we’re going. It’s all about being prepared and having the right things on hand. So, I always have this stuff in my bag when flying with my toddlers — no matter what.

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