How to Do a Dominican Blowout at Home

 1. Do three washes. Un been shampu” [a good shampoo] is essential to making your blowout shine and last. You want to make sure you get all the gunk out from your scalp, and the leftover buildup on hair that can ruin your style.

2. Prep your hair. Deep conditioning will keep your hair healthy and moisturized and able to handle the intense heat that will follow. Ana recommends the Silicon Mix Bambu Nutritive Hair Treatment, which is imported from the Dominican Republic. Apply from root to ends and leave in for five minutes, then rinse out thoroughly.

3. Blow-dry hair. Section off your hair and start in the back, the trickiest area to blow-dry. Working with two-inch pieces, use a high-heat blower (Ana suggests Solano because they get super HOT, which you need for the best smoothing resuts!) with a focused nozzle to help concentrate the hot air to smooth out kinks and a big round boar bristle brush to blow-dry hair. Positioning the dryer one inch away from your hair and the brush on top of the hair, pull the hair taut working the brush and dryer down the hair shaft from root to ends. Alternate placing the brush under and over the hair, then, for bouncy movement, roll the hair around the brush over and over again while blasting with hot air. Once the hair starts slipping out of the brush then you know the hair is completely dry and smooth and you can move on to the next piece. 

4. Finish with a tiny bit of shine spray. To make your blowout last, use just a bit of shine spray from mid length to ends and just over the top layer of hair. Try: OGX Brazilian Keratin Therapy Shimmering Keratin Oil.

Photo: Getty 

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