6 Fun Family Activities for Fall


The crisp air and falling leaves, as well as the sound of children on their way to school in the morning, always makes me nostalgic for the autumns of my childhood. Now that mi hijo Oliver is in preschool, he’s old enough to take part in the family activities I loved to do in fall as a kid, as well as try some new adventures. Here, a list of ways we plan to enjoy this season.

Spend time en la cocina. My sisters and brother and I spent a lot of time in the kitchen growing up. Our mamá was always cooking and the kitchen was a place where everyone seemed to end up hablando y comiendo for hours. This fall, I’m looking forward to making my very first apple pie with the help of mi hijo.

Visit museums. Oliver is about to turn 3, and I’ve noticed that he’s getting more interested in art. He loves drawing and playing with clay together, and I love seeing what he comes up with. He’s also at an age where I can take him to museums and start talking to him about the many Latino and Spanish artists that came before us, like Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, and Picasso.

Gather with family and friends. I love that people tend to stick closer to home in the fall; summer vacations are over and the holiday season hasn’t yet begun. I’ll be taking full advantage of having our friends and family around by inviting them over for food, drinks, and a little musica. Knowing them, our fall gatherings will quickly turn into fiestas de baile. What bedtime?

Give thanks. My mom always insisted we give thanks to Dios for all that he’s given us. As an adult I’m also very thankful for the family and friends that surround us. I’m sure my little guy will have a much larger list that involves things like carros y camiones once Thanksgiving comes around.

Go for long walks. Last fall Oliver was able to start taking a proper (albeit short) walk around the block. We’d leave the stroller at home, walk out the door with no plan, and explore our surroundings. It was such a special time. I look forward to going on longer walks this fall, and exploring our neighborhood – especially when all the Halloween decorations are out!

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