Maternity Clothes: 9 Stylish Ways to Dress Up Your Bump for Fall

When I became pregnant with my son Oliver a few years back, I remember being horrified by the idea of stepping into a giant maternity store. I envisioned them handing me a one-size-fits-all moomoo for the remainder of my 9 months. With that fear in mind I put off wearing maternity clothes for pretty much my entire pregnancy (except for the very necessary maternity denim).

Luckily for you pregnant mamacitas out there today, there are a number of stylish maternity clothes that even your non-pregnant amigas will wish they could wear. And with all the layering you’re about to start doing this fall, it’s the perfect time to start creating your wardrobe. Here are 9 super stylish ways to dress up your bump this fall. Naturalmente we encourage you to add your own twist whenever possible!


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