Planning a Perfect Spring Break Getaway

Spring break is coming. Brush off the trappings of winter and start planning a memorable spring break adventure that the whole family will cheer for. Here are some spring break getaway ideas & tips.

Choose Your Destination Wisely

What’s the most important part of spring break? Location, location, location! Choose somewhere the whole family can enjoy. Also, be sure that the typical weather for the region at the time you’ll be visiting is favorable. For instance, Portland, Maine, is still rather chilly in April, so it might not be the right destination if you are looking for a family getaway. Instead, think south. Many families will head to Florida’s best spots. But you can also have a lot of fun elsewhere. Washington D.C.’s National Cherry Blossom Festival, which is being held March 20 through April 13 this year, could make for a better trip.

Pick a Family-Friendly Hotel

Traveling with kids is a fine art—so it’s important that your home away from home (aka hotel room) offers just what you need to have a happy and fun time. Look for somewhere with cozy beds and amenities that appeal to your family—such as pools and fitness rooms. Hampton Hotels, with locations across the country, offer a lot of great perks for travelers. Each location serves free, hot breakfasts daily to guests—and all US locations also offer On the Run breakfast bags on Mondays through Fridays. Need a hot beverage fix? There’s free coffee and tea in the lobby. And for travelers who like to stay connected, there’s free WiFi too.

Do Your Research

While it can be fun to head off on a no-plans and no-expectations vacation when you are young and single, when you travel with kids you need a plan. Before you settle on a location, read up on the local happenings and what’s available to do there. Gather a list of ideas of what to do while there—from attractions to local landmarks. You may not do them all, but the list will ensure that your vacation is adventure packed.

Pack Well

When traveling, every bit of space in your bags counts. So when you pack, be sure to use space-saving techniques such as rolling clothes into logs (it will also cut down on wrinkles!) and utilizing the inside of shoes for extra packing room. Also, be sure to save room for any souvenirs you may bring home.

Have Fun!

All the planning, preparation, and packing will set you up for a fun spring break—just be sure to enjoy it. Making lovely memories with your family is a wonderful thing.

This post was sponsored by Hampton Hotels

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