Epic Couples in General Hospital History

Long before Brad and Angelina or Jennifer and Justin, General Hospital gave us the world’s first supercouple: Luke and Laura. Although epic love stories in Port Charles don’t often come with a happily-ever-after ending, (and the characters tend to switch soul-mates throughout the seasons) we still root for these legendary supercouples! Now that the legendary soap is set to celebrate 50 years on the air, we look back at our favorite couples in GH history.


Luke & Laura

General Hospital - Luke and LauraThe unlikely love story of Luke and Laura started out rocky when a drunken Luke took advantage of Laura, who happened to be married to Scotty Baldwin at the time. Through a roller coaster of events, Laura eventually fell for her attacker while they were on the run—and the rest is history.  Luke and Laura’s love story has spanned three decades, produced two children, and a wedding watched by 30 million fans. Their love endured kidnappings, mental breakdowns and what seemed like millions of misunderstandings caused by outside evil forces determined to split them up. Though they recently agreed they weren’t meant to be, we haven’t seen the last chapter on this iconic supercouple just yet.

Anna & Duke

General Hospital - Anna and DukeIt was love at first sight at the Port Charles Policeman’s Ball for Anna and Duke. The unlikely pairing of the mobster and the chief of police was an intense affair that burned hot, but wasn’t meant to make for smooth sailing. As Duke’s efforts to leave the mob proved unsuccessful, he tried to break things off with Anna for the sake of her protection. They couldn’t stay away from each other for long and soon married.  With many setbacks and time apart along the way (kidnapping, faked deaths, and plastic surgery), they longed to reunite. The Duke and Anna love story isn’t over yet as they give their relationship one more try—we can’t wait to see what happens.

Jax & Brenda

General Hospital - Brenda and JaxBrenda met sexy Aussie Jax and hoped to use him to make Sonny jealous, but her plan went awry when she surprisingly fell for Jax in the process. They steamed up Port Charles with their hot and cold romance and failed attempts at marriage. Never deterred, Jax spent the better part of their on and off affair protecting her from deranged relatives, Balkan hit men, and bad boy mobsters. Although the two moved on with others and Brenda moved back to Rome, their love story may not be quite done as they are both scheduled for a visit to Port Charles in the coming weeks.

Sonny & Kate

General Hospital - Sonny and KateKate was a blast from Sonny’s past. Known to Sonny as Connie when they were teens, she was his first love and broke his heart. The night they were to sneak off and marry, Kate/Connie blew out of his life to start a wildly successful career in fashion.  When she showed up in Port Charles twenty years later, their reunion wasn’t easy, but Sonny soon found himself fighting to keep Kate in his life. He went to extreme measures to help bring her back around when a split personality emerged, which included kidnapping her and forcing therapy. We’ll have to wait and see if his efforts pay off to save his childhood sweetheart.

Carly & Sonny

General Hospital - Sonny and CarlySonny and Carly have had a steamy, yet tumultuous history—and a standing reservation at the local Port Charles chapel. Carly and Sonny are a match made in scheming heaven (with a healthy dash of hot romance and sexual tension). Despite successfully co-parenting their sons, it’s never clear if these unpredictable characters will wind up married or ordering mob hits on one another.  Even when Carly and Sonny are in an “off-again” cycle, their day-to-day lives are intertwined in a madcap round of mischief.  No matter what goes down, these two just can’t quit each other for good and we love them for it.

Jason & Sam

General Hospital - Jason and SamAfter her baby died at birth, Jason and Sam grew intensely close and Jason soon fell for bad girl Sam, despite her gold-digging past that was riddled with deceit and thievery. When Sam was caught in the crossfire and shot by thugs who were after Jason, her biological mom convinced Jason to walk away so Sam would be out of harm’s way. Their attempts to stay apart didn’t last long and the two survived several scandalous relationship hurdles and an evil endeavor by Jason’s twin to split them up. The night Jason and Sam reunited, he was tragically gunned down at the docks and is presumed dead.

Robin & Patrick

General Hospital - Robin and PatrickDo you believe that opposites attract? Then you’ll get caught up in the relationship between Robin and Patrick; theirs is a classic case. Cocky playboy Patrick somehow managed to get under the skin of the always-serious Robin. After much heated banter and bickering (and building sexual tension), the two began to grow close and following a health scare, they decided to give a relationship a go, but soon hit a roadblock. Robin wanted to start a family—a  dealbreaker for commitment-phobe Patrick who wasn’t ready. Even while broken up this couple couldn’t keep their hands off one another, and a one night fling yielded a positive pregnancy test for Robin. Always proud, Robin kept her pregnancy a secret from Patrick because she felt he wasn’t ready for fatherhood.  As with all things in Port Charles, secrets never stay hidden for long! Patrick and Robin married after he confessed he was ready for family life. They faced hardship throughout their marriage, but always tried to make it work … right up until they were separated again during a terrifying lab explosion.

Elizabeth & Jason

General Hospital - Elizabeth and JasonScintillating sparks ignited between Jason and Liz when she nursed him back to health in her art studio after he had been shot. Theirs has been a tortured love affair, as these bleeding hearts put everyone else’s happiness ahead of their own—even when that meant another man stepping in as father to their son. Although Jason has been Liz’s rescuer and protector, these star-crossed characters chose not to stay together to keep Liz and her kids safe from Jason’s dangerous life.  No matter whom they wind up with along the way, the connection between Jason and Liz will always be red hot.  Their bond is an intense one that grew even stronger after the death of their son Jacob. Jason is presumed dead, but soap stars have been known for their powers of resurrection, so we can’t help but wonder: is he really gone for good?

Carly & Jax

General Hospital - Carly and JaxCarly’s and Jax’s relationship surprisingly blossomed from a deep mutual loathing. Always prickly suspicious of one another, the tide turned for this fated couple due to a tragic death and new baby.  After losing her best friend Courtney, Carly offered to help Jax (presumed to be the baby’s father) raise  baby John.  After a romance filled with ups and downs, the flirty and hilarious couple tried to marry several times and eventually succeeded. Although they were unable to work together in business, Carly and Jax collaborated well in their personal lives and welcomed a baby girl named Josslyn. Their current relationship status: it’s complicated. With Jax set to return to Port Charles, what happens next for these former flames and foes is anyone’s guess!

Laura & Scotty

General Hospital - Laura and ScottyScotty and Laura were first married over thirty years ago when Scotty was starting law school. The marriage didn’t last as Laura fell for Luke Spencer after going to work for him to pay off Scotty’s college book fees. Laura was torn between the two, but ultimately chose to live a life of adventure with Luke.  Scotty has been pining for his first love ever since, plotting to bring her back into his life. Recently, Scotty sneaked aboard Laura’s flight to France in an effort to win back her heart. 2013 just may be Scotty’s year to get Laura to the altar, as she just accepted his marriage proposal!