Fergie And Josh Duhamel Are Expecting A Baby!

Safe Haven star Josh Duhamel and Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie, aka Sarah Ferguson, are going to be parents for the first time!

Fergie took to Twitter (naturally!) to share the exciting news with her followers today.  She writes, “Josh & Me & BABY makes three!!! “.  Fergie also shared a childhood photo of both of them with the announcement. 

Fergie and Josh have shared for a long time that they were ready to start working on a family.  The celebrity couple just celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary last month. 

If their photos are any indication, these two are going to make some cute babies together! 

I have to add that it shows a lot about Josh’s integrity that he didn’t use the baby news as a publicity tool for his film.  He could’ve easily shared the pregnancy announcement in the weeks of promotion leading up to Safe Haven’s release, but he chose to wait until after the press tour wound down.  Kudos to him.


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