Nina Dobrev Talks Beauty Tips And What Women Really Want

Actress Nina Dobrev talks hair, vampires, and beauty secrets in the new issue of Glamour magazine.


Nina is starring in the upcoming flick "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" and her hit CW series "The Vampire Diaries" returns next week (October 11th – don't miss it!!) for its fourth season. She sat down to dish with Glamour about all things beauty and more! Check out some snippets from her interview and see her gorgeous photos below! The issue hits newsstands on October 9th.

GLAMOUR: On the show you have a dual role: Elena, the girl-next-door type who has straight hair, and Katherine, the bad girl with big, sexy curls. Does switching up your beauty looks help you get into character?

NINA DOBREV: One hundred percent! Changing my hair helps me transform.

GLAMOUR: I read your mom won’t let you do anything too crazy to it.

NINA: It’s true! My mom didn’t start wearing makeup or hairspray until she was, like, 40— she’s the least vain person ever. When I became an actress, she said, “I know they need your hair for this show, but you’re going to need your hair for the rest of your life, so take care of it.” Since that day, I’ve been very diligent. I do hair masks multiple times a week, and I don’t blow-dry it if I’m not working.

GLAMOUR: What was life like growing up in Canada before your big break?

NINA: I was kind of a jock in school. Beauty wasn’t something I spent a lot of time on. Now I ask every hair and makeup artist I work with for tips. I’m in beauty school by association!

GLAMOUR: Spill the best tip you’ve picked up.

NINA: Wash your face at the end of the night! There’s nothing worse than sleeping in makeup. You wake up looking like a painting that’s been left out in a rainstorm.

GLAMOUR: In the April issue of Glamour, your boyfriend, Ian [Somerhalder], admitted, “I don’t know what women want.” Can you offer the men of America some insight?

NINA: Every woman wants and needs different things. It’s always best when you’re honest and you speak up. It’s hard to read minds.

nina dobrev in a jewel toned purple top

nina dobrev with birds nest hair

nina dobrev with wavy hair