Everyone in the Family will Love this Baby Sling

The benefits of using a baby sling  or baby carrier can be traced back for centuries, but it can be difficult to find one that’s both comfortable and simple to use…..until now.

Baby Slings are nothing new, but when a friend of mine showed up wearing this one, with her adorable new baby boy sleeping comfortably inside it, I couldn’t help but notice how comfortable and content, both mom and baby looked wearing it.  Over the years there have been countless different designs for baby slings, but it seems that many of them are either way too complicated or else they have so many multiple straps, they almost require a gymnastics class to master wearing them.


The simplicity of it’s one piece design is what sets this Baby K’tan Baby Carrier apart from so many other sling style baby carriers. There are no complicated straps, buckles, rings or snaps, so putting it on is super easy, plus it has multiple different wearing positions that will acccomodate babys who weigh anywhere from 8-35 pounds. 


altCheck out how comfortable both you and your baby will be when you use it in this position, with the sling evenly balanced on both shoulders and your baby nestled securely inside it’s double loop design.



altAnd with young fathers becoming more and more hands on with their parenting roles these days, this is one baby carrier that doesn’t look too “girly” either, so it works just perfectly for Dad too!



altCheck out the variety of available colors and you can have your carrier custom personalized for yourself or you can have it personalized as the perfect baby gift for a friend.





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