Tips For Hosting The Perfect 4th of July Party

July 4th is around the corner, are you hosting the party this year? If so, read on for some handy tips to make sure your party sparkles instead of fizzles. 


July 4th is all about barbeques, picnics, fireworks and fun, but how do you make sure everyone from your youngest to oldest guest has a blast? For me it is all about focusing on the three main areas of throwing a party: food, decorating and activities. 

Food and Drinks

My motto for July 4th is simple. For a potluck I tell everyone to make food that is “Easy To Eat” so that no one feels like they have to make too much and we get a broader spectrum of dishes. 
Two of my crowd favorite finger foods are Taco Bites (which are the perfect size, bites and the kids love) and Deviled Eggs, perfect for snacking on during the day. 
For dessert I love to show my spirit for the day with either Strawberry Shortcake (I add blueberries to have the whole color spectrum) or even just berries (strawberries, blueberries and raspberries) with whip cream or vanilla ice cream. Watermelon wedges for the kids are a great healthy way to go, and, keeps them entertained as we always have watermelon seed spitting contests. 


It is a known fact that I love to decorate and have, on occasion, gone a little overboard. If you are not a decorating fanatic like me there are quick and easy ways (as well as budget friendly) to decorate for the 4th. First, it’s pretty easy since the theme is red, white and blue. Use red tablecloths with white napkins and blue plates (or any combo of the three) and your table is automatically festive. (I always use paper plates because who wants to do all the dishes after the festivities are over) Balloons are also a great way to add a little decoration to your yard or home.


July 4th is all about family, friends and fun so make sure you have activities planned that promote all three! During the day three legged races and watermelon seed spitting contests are quick and easy activities that get everyone involved. A balloon toss with red, white and blue balloons is a great way to cool everyone down in the afternoon sun. Fill the balloons with water (more water makes it harder, less water makes it easier) and then toss them back and forth, each time you catch the balloon you take a step back. The anticipation of getting wet is almost as much fun as actually getting soaked. 

Plan out a scavenger hunt with clues that are all about the history of Independence Day, the kids will learn about our Nation as they search out the prizes. 

As evening descends thoughts of fireworks start to fill young minds. If you are in an area that allows home fireworks make sure to have enough adult supervision for the kids to avoid mishaps. If your hometown does not allow fireworks there are many other festive options. Paper Sparklers are a fun and fire safe activity for kids. Glow sticks will also add a festive feel as the sunsets. Have kids run around or swing them in a circle to create their own “firework” trailers. Party poppers are also fun alternatives to fireworks but again make sure to have an adult help your younger guests.