‘Around The World In 80 Plates’ Host Curtis Stone Talks Dad Duty With Rachael Ray

Curtis Stone is looking forward to preparing his son’s food, but is content on diaper duty for now.


Curtis, host of Bravo’s new series ‘Around the World in 80 Plates’ spent some time talking fatherhood (to new son Hudson) and cooks a dish with Rachael Ray, chosen by spinning the wheel of countries. The episode airs tomorrow morning (May 16th), but you can get a sneak peek here.

Rachel asks Curtis if his son, Hudson, sleeps through the night: “Oh no. You know he sleeps through the night in increments. You know what? He’s so cute I don’t care.”

Curtis isn’t whipping up Hudson ’s meals just yet: “I’m not preparing his food just yet, but I’m doing everything else right there with her and she’s unbelievable.”

Curtis on how he helps out with the baby: “That’s sort of my gig, changing the diapers and getting him back to sleep. His mother ‘s in charge of the milkshakes still.”

Tune in tomorrow for the full interview!

Photo courtesy of Rachael Ray Show