Dr. Phil Dishes On Grandkids, Mother’s Day And More With Rachael Ray

Dr. Phil shares with Rachael Ray what his wife’s Mother’s Day wish is.


On Monday, Dr. Phil chats with Rachael Ray about the importance of a good father figure, how his wife dresses him, and being a grandfather. Here’s a sneak peek at their interview!

Dr. Phil’s wife’s Mother’s Day wish:

“Well that’s her Mother’s Day thing. She doesn’t want a present. All she wants is Jay and Jordan, our two sons, to come over and Erica, Jay’s wife and to bring those babies. You got Avery who just turned two and we have London Phillip who just turned eight months old. They are so much fun. And Jay and Erica have a hairless cat.  And so when they get around an animal that has fur, they don’t know what to do with themselves!”

Dr. Phil on the importance of a father as a role model:

“Seriously the most important relationship the most powerful role model is him. They need daddy time more than they need bedtime. They need daddy time more than they need bath time.”

Dr. Phil’s wife dresses him like “Ken:”

“Well, Robyn dresses me like a Ken doll. Like I’m on a trip now in New York . She ties things together, it’s like Garanimals for adults.”


Photo Courtesy of Rachael Ray Show