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What’s Nick Cannon Buying Mariah Carey For Christmas?

Actor Nick Cannon sits down with Rachael Ray this week to give the scoop on everything from what he’ll buy wife Mariah Carey for Christmas, to his new Showtime special and why he’s not allowed to teach twins Moroccan and Monroe their ABC’s! We have a sneak peek at the interview (airing tomorrow, November 14th) for you!

Nick tells Rachael that whatever the gift to Mariah, it must be from the heart. “It definitely has to be thoughtful. For someone like that who can buy anything they want for themselves, it’s all about a thoughtful gift. So I try to do sweet, funny stuff that makes her smile. A lot of custom-made things. Anything that can be custom-made, where I took the time out, and if I hear her talking about something like, “oh, I would love that,” I can go get something engraved with her name on it, or a poem…she likes when I write…or paintings. I’m not a good painter, but at least it came from the heart, baby. I know it’s a stick figure, but it’s a stick figure with love!”

Nick also shares that if he could choose any talent to have, it’d be singing like his wife. He explains, “You know what I would say? I wish I could sing like Mariah Carey. I’m gonna tell you why. Because in my house, there’s a no-singing clause, because my wife does not want me to have a poor influence on my children’s vocal ability. I can’t even teach them how to sing the ABCs. She was like, “I will handle that. That is not in key.” So, I wish I had that same ability, because it just naturally comes out. Even when she talks, it’s melodic. I don’t have that.” 



Photo by Rachael Ray Show

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