Hilary Duff Says Breastfeeding Has Been A Wonderful Experience

Motherhood is everything Hilary Duff hoped it would be.


Hilary gave birth to her son Luca four weeks ago and she is still on cloud nine. She shared a little bit on how things have been going so far. “I’m breastfeeding now so that’s a really wonderful experience — challenging but wonderful. My favorite thing is feeling that incredible amount of love when you meet your baby and you wake up the next morning and you think, ‘Wow!'”

Mike Comrie is really stepping up to the plate in the dad department, according to Hilary. “He’s a natural, which is exciting for me because you take as much help as you can get. For example, I’ll be feeding [Luca] and he’ll pop in and say, ‘Hey, I can change the diaper.’ He’s a great dad.”

Hilary has said that she isn’t going to overdo it trying to get the baby weight off, but she’s happy to be back to her workout routine. “I’m not stressing about it. I’m working out because I honestly missed it during my pregnancy –- getting in that good, hard workout. I need endorphins in my life to be a happy person. I want my body back but I’m not freaked out or anything — just working out and trying to eat a little bit healthier.”

Hilary didn’t waste any time getting back to the grind! After you gave birth, how long did you wait to dive into your old workout routine?