Monogamy Cabernet Sauvignon Review

Monogamy…truly, madly, deeply. What better wine to enjoy on Valentine’s Day?


Monogamy Cabernet Sauvignon is a very nice, smooth everyday Cabernet to enjoy. It’s a great sipper and also goes well with food. Monogamy is a great stepping-stone red wine for white wine drinkers to begin expanding their palates.

You’ve experimented. You’ve discovered what you like. And what you don’t. What makes you happy. What satisfies your soul. It’s how you found the one. The one that made you say, “Sorry, I’m with Cabernet.” When you’ve met the love of your life, is there really any reason to keep looking?

Monogamy is a Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot blend. It is a smooth, approachable wine and has a pretty decent lingering finish. It has nice cheery and plum notes to it. For around $10 to $15, it is what I call a fabulous Tuesday night wine. It is a perfect gift for somebody for Valentine’s Day and a romantic classic to drink on Valentine’s Day!


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