Amy Adams Believes She Can Find Balance Between Career And Family

‘The Muppets’ star Amy Adams talks finding balance and being happy with her post-baby body.

Amy dished with InStyle magazine for their December issue about her career, her ‘muffin top’, and her wedding plans. The mother of Aviana, 18 months, shared:

On finding balance:

“I have to trust that I can prioritize my family and myself while still finding the energy and focus for my work. And I believe I can. I know I can.”

On embracing her post-baby body:

“I read about these actresses who get on a stationary bike two weeks after giving birth and I’m like, ‘What? Where did you push your baby out of?’ Since having Aviana, I have a muffin top, and that’s okay right now.”

On accepting that balance isn’t easy:

“I’m definitely not one of those women who make it look easy. I’m always running late — and look, there’s guacamole on my purse! But I’m more patient than I ever thought I would be, and I’m not so hard on myself anymore.”

On finding time to tie the knot with her longtime love, Darren Le Gallo:

“I’ll say to Darren, ‘What do you think of May?’ and he’ll say, ‘May. Ha, ha. You just let me know.’ I just can’t decide! I am putting more pressure on myself now that we have Avi. I’ll figure it out soon.”


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