Bed Toppings Turn Kids Beds Into Giant Objects

Why sleep on a bed when you can sleep in a sardine can?


Sardine Bed Toppings

4 piece bed set, $265

There’s nothing cosier than being packed in like sardines. Dream of catching a big fish as you sleep amongst your new friends. The best part is these sardines don’t smell

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Colorful Pencils Bed Toppings

4 piece bed set, $265

Sleep amongst the colorful pencils and pull the pencil box closed over you. Draw your dreams and you’ll remember them forever!


Chocolate Bar Bed Toppings

4 piece bed set, $265

The sweetest dreams are had sleeping inside a giant chocolate bar. Snuggle in amongst the happy sleeping chocolate and pull up your chocolate wrapper!

Bed Toppings are sold as a complete set with a duvet cover, flat sheet, fitted sheet and pillowcase, all made with soft 100% cotton.

Available for pre-order on the Bed Toppings website!

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