A Roaring Good Time Bedroom For Boys

Little boys love dinosaurs! It must be the loud roars and heavy stomping that draws children to idolize these prehistoric creatures.


Learning about dinosaurs is also fascinating… and with this bedroom, your little guy will love to explore everything dinosaurs!

I love this Dino bedding (sale $135-$160) from Land of Nod. With this bedding you can enjoy colorful dinos and make your son’s room fun and full of his favorite prehistoric friends.

This Stegosaurus throw pillow (sale $16) gives your little dino lover something to hug at night and play with during the day. As a perfect match to the colorful bedding, this spikey-topped pal will be a huge hit!


These Dino moving mobiles ($19-$49) double as interactive décor for your son’s room. Pull the attached knob and watch as they come to life while flapping their wings.

This Dino rug (sale $69.99) adds shape to the room and allows your little dino lover to sit on a comfortable and soft space while playing on the floor.


These adorable and funny Dino Freak prints ($40) make me giggle. These prints add new colors to the room and with a few framed pieces of silly art, you can humor your child at the same time.

The Chocolate Sherpa Anywhere beanbag ($139) reminds me of a fluffy, sleeping dinosaur — if there ever was a fluffy sleeping dinosaur. Let your child’s imagination run wild and give them a comfy place to sit and read dino books.

Speaking of books, treat your child to a standing bookrack from Land of Nod ($229). This bookshelf is the perfect size for little readers because it’s at a child’s level. Anything that is low to the ground naturally invites and sparks interest in young children.