Top 10 Bedroom and Nursery Themes

From understated patterns and shapes to more theme-specific looks, boys’ and girls’ spaces need to be able to grow with the child.

If you’re looking for fun ideas to deck out a little ones’ room, here are the top 10 bedroom and nursery themes to help inspire you.

A nod to nature

Bring the beauty of outdoors into your kid’s space with trees, which can be painted as a wall mural or applied as a removable decal, as well as flowers, birds, and butterflies. Ocean or jungle themes are also popular choices.

Doting on dots

There’s something sweet and simple about polka dots, for boys’ or girls’ bedroom and nursery themes. Pair them with solid colours so as not to overwhelm the space.

Wild thing

Animal prints have long been funky prints for grown-up spaces, and now little girls are loving zebra-striped chairs for a dash of wild flair, and boys can’t get enough of manly faux fur bearskin rugs.

Plaid panache

A classic motif for clothing, plaid is also a great option for kids’ spaces. They’re timeless, meaning your child won’t soon outgrow them, and they can be matched with a myriad of accessories.

What a hoot!

Owls, the classic symbol of a vintage 80s era, are back and hooter (ahem, hotter) than ever. Incorporated into bedding, window treatments, lighting, and wall decor, owls are whimsical creatures that lend a homey feel to nurseries and bedrooms.

Sky’s the limit

Whether there are white feathery clouds or glowing constellations across a navy ceiling, children will find comfort sleeping beneath their own personal skies. Small inset lights can add a special touch.

Regal chic

Little princes and princesses love some indulgence, just like mommy, and ornate canopy beds can still look fashionable in an elegant girl’s room. Boys will also get a kick out of a bedroom designed like that in a castle.

Colour love

Sometimes the best way to approach finding a great bedroom and nursery theme is to look for a colour you love and build upon it – use two varying shades of the hue and mix it into the comforter, area rug, lamp, and walls. Colour-based themes are easy to update well into tween- and teen-hood.

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