Happy Nappers-Pillow Pets With A House

The latest commercial both of my boys have taken to is for Happy Nappers.  They are obsessed with them and they keep telling me every day that I need to tell the Easter Bunny that they each want one.

I can’t help but compare these stuffed animals to Pillow Pets, the must have stuffed toy from last year. 

Like the Pillow Pet, the Happy Napper is intended to be a bedtime toy that can be laid on.  In addition to being flat-like stuffed animals, they come with little homes or abodes depending on the animal.  They look very cute. 

The penguin, for instance, comes with his very own igloo.  The unicorn comes with a pretty pink castle that girls are sure to love; and the brown dog comes with a cute-looking brown doghouse.  

The Happy Napper can be zipped inside of his home and when he’s inside, the Happy Napper in his house is like a pillow for the kids. 

You can buy a Happy Napper at HappyNapper.com for $19.99 plus shipping and handling.  You can get free shipping if you buy six or more – not sure why you’d need six or more but maybe if you go in with a few friends you can save on the shipping?  This does make for a great addition to the Easter Basket…

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