Easter Basket Fillers The Bunny Must Bring

I just know it’s going to sneak up on me and I’m trying to get organized ahead of time with items for my boys’ baskets.

1. One of the hottest toys for Easter Baskets this year is hands down the HEXBUG Nano Easter Egg

You can find the HEXBUG Easter Egg on FatBrainToys.com right now and on sale for $6.95.  This is a great deal as regular HEXBUGs are typically $9.95.  Not only do you save a few dollars but the Easter Egg HEXBUG Nanos come with removeable bunny ears (cute) and come in an Easter Egg instead of the typical test tube shaped conainter that they are normally found in.  And if you aren’t familiar, the HEXBUG Nano is a small bug-like robot that moves around in a shockingly similar way to a real bug.  A wonderful toy for ages 3+.  I’ll be putting one to two of these eggs in my boys baskets each year.

2. I love Bubbles for babies up through the elderly – who doesn’t love bubbles on a warm spring day outside?  Crayola is selling Colored Bubbles this year which I think is a lot of fun and festive for Easter.  These bubbles are actually colored so they come out whatever color they say they are (blow purple bubbles.  Or green, etc.)   It’s only $3.99 for one and this is a neat thing for any age Easter basket.  Order by March 22th and you can use coupon code SAVE20 to get 20% off your order at the CrayolaStore.com.  And if you miss that date but can order by April 5th, you can use coupon code FEBBD11 to get 15% off your order.

And do you have a local Michaels Craft Store near you?   This craft chain is my go-to store every year for Easter.   They have great $1 bins full of all sorts of festive Easter-related goodies and crafts for kids this time of year. 

3. Last year, one of the biggest hits in my kids Easter baskets was Zhu Zhu Pets.  I don’t know what it is about Easter but don’t one or two of these hamsters seem perfect for the Easter basket?  Maybe it’s the cuteness of a hamster (cute bunny, cute chicks for Easter… there’s definitely a cute animal theme)  These little hamsters turn on and zip around your house.  Kids love them.  You can buy the hamster alone or buy some of the accessories.  One Zhu Zhu Pet is $7.95 on Amazon.

4. One of my all time favorite books and gifts to give on Easter is the board book That’s Not My Bunny from Usborne Touch & Feel books.  Babies and toddlers love when they can touch and interact with a story.  My kids were huge fans of all of the Usborne Touch & Feel books.  They have dozens of books that start with “That’s Not My…” and That’s Not My Bunny is a favorite for Easter.

5. Lastly, I’ve long been a fan of Tomy’s International Playthings Hide ‘N Squeak Eggs.  This half dozen egg set is squeaky and a fun mix and match game for toddlers.  These Eggs have been a go-to pick for me for many toddler birthdays and I always recommend it for Easter.  You can get it for $10.99 on Amazon.

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