Fun For All Ages: 5 Beach Vacation Activities

You’ve made it. You survived the drive or the security line and you and your family have arrived at your beach destination. Now that you are finally settled into vacation mode you want to make sure to get the most out of your time away.

Sure there is always relaxing on the beach, or tanning by the pool but with young kids that might not be viable every day of the vacation. Here are five activities the whole family can do while enjoying the seaside setting. 



Snorkeling is a great activity for all ages. Older kids will be able to learn how to use a snorkel, while younger kids can use an air mattress with a see through portal or practice holding their breath and looking through a mask. Almost all resorts and tropical vacation spots offer snorkeling trips. The options range from a day trip on a boat to a snorkeling destination to renting an air mattress and gear and going it on your own. Depending on your budget you can choose how deep you want to go. 

Sand Castle Contest:

Why not hold a family sand castle contest? Have each person in the family build a wing of a sand castle, or their own sand castle to make a compound. When all the construction is finished take digital photos of each one, then have your friends back home vote on their favorite. It’s a great way to stave off the end of vacation let down as well as show off vacation photos without boring everyone.

Beach Obstacle Course:

This is a great way to add some physical activity into your beach day. Using beach chairs, towels and of course the sand, create an obstacle coarse for your children to run through. You can make it as simple as just weaving through chairs or more elaborate with follow your footsteps and  different things to do at different points in the coarse. If you want to get their heart rate up try timng them as they run through the coarse. 

Create A Vacation Journal: 

Bring a blank photo book or journal with you on vacation. Every day each person writes what their favorite part of the day was, and takes a picture of something they saw or did. (Be sure to leave room on the page for the photos once they are developed) I like to draw a rectangle where the photo will go and then have each person write a quick description in the rectangle what the photo is. Not only does this create a place holder for the photo, but once you get home it will help remind you what picture you wanted where. 

Card Games:

With a deck of cards the possibilities are endless. I remember sitting in the sun playing cards with my parents for hours, or what seemed like hours, when I was young. A quick and fun game for the whole family is Crazy Eights. It’s also a great game for sneaking in some math and numbers skills without the kids realizing they are actually learning.

Once you’ve exhausted all the fun you can handle from Crazy Eights, or your favorite card game, tell them you have a special game just for them…52 card pick up. Just make sure it not a windy day.  

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