Modern Meets Minature-A Dollhouse For Adults From PRD Minatures

Designers have dipped into a childhood classic, the beloved miniature dollhouse.  We marvel at anything ultra-realistic in miniature form, and a realistic dollhouse is no different. 

Some dollhouses surpass the faux-reality of children’s dollhouses, with collectors often hand-constructing their miniature mansions from real building materials and textiles.  PRD Miniatures designs and constructs ultra modern dollhouses for sale from real-life materials, bringing the traditional dollhouse to a whole new level. 


PRD Miniature Skyloft is a 16 square inch room for your grown-up modern dollhouse miniatures.  It can be modified with a choice of two exterior colors and four trim colors — with LED lighting available too!  Talk about a real miniature, it’s an exact copy of the real thing.  It looks so real, you might want to move in after filling it with your favorite furniture!  You can purchase additional rooms as you expand your mini-home.


PRD Miniatures also offers a wide range of decor for the avid miniature decorator from kitchen pieces, flooring, and even bedding.  Make it your dream home, or a replica of your current dream home — your miniature house can be fun for everyone in the family and an impressive display piece for anyone to enjoy. 


Visit the PRD Miniatures website for more product details and purchase information.