Justin Bieber-Never Say Never-Mom Approved

Each and every mom has the most amazing kid in the world, but not every mom has a kid who is literally taking over the world – one heart, one concert stage at a time.

We’re excited to bring you a few sound bytes from one of today’s most high-profile moms, Pattie Mallette – aka “Justin Bieber’s mom.”

As Justin’s fame rises, do your responsibilities as a mom change at all?

The responsibilities change somewhat, and I have to adapt as a mom.  For instance, I can’t ground him if he misbehaves. I have to be creative – taking away privileges like computers and phones. My bottom line responsibilities are to keep him safe and grounded. That means I need to discipline him when he needs it – in whatever way works.

How does it feel as a mom to see your son achieve so much success and accomplish his dreams?

I am so proud, and so happy for him. As a mom, it’s amazing and emotional to watch your child achieve his dreams and such a high level of success.  Anyone would be thrilled to be in his position. I burst with joy for him. Of course, there are concerns; but for him, I am thrilled.

As we begin a new year, what is something you wish for Justin?

For 2011, I want Justin to continue to follow his dreams, to continue to shoot for the moon. I don’t want him to think that anything is unachievable.

Each mom is kind of programmed to worry about her kids. What are your biggest concerns for Justin?

Because he has so many people catering to him, my biggest concern is keeping him grounded. I remind him constantly that he is no better than anyone else. My worry is that he might mistake all the manufactured things around him for reality.

Sounds like being mom to an international pop sensation isn’t really all that different (except for the world travel, screaming fans, and red carpet galas) from being anyone else’s mom. In the end, each mom just wants her child to be happy, healthy, grounded, and fulfilled.

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